Barbecue can be divided into open-fire barbecue and fried barbecue.

Open-fire roasting, that is, heating with open-fire, the heat source is generally a variety of charcoal fires and electric ovens.
Seasoning can be done before, during or after roasting, or in three periods. However, it should be noted that when condiment is baked, if liquid condiment is used, it must be brushed on the raw materials with a pen; if powder condiment is used, the dosage should not be excessive, otherwise it is easy to fall into the open fire, and the smoke generated after combustion will affect the dining environment.
Open-fire roasted vegetables have the characteristics of golden color, tender crisp outside and tender inside, as well as the flavor of tobacco and char.
When using open-curing method, because of the concentrated firepower, it is necessary to turn over frequently to make it uniformly heated, and to master the distance from the fire, so as to ensure the consistency of internal and external maturity.
Open-baking can be divided into fork-baking, roast-baking and skewer-baking according to different baking tools.
Fork roasting is made of iron or bamboo sticks and forks, which are repeatedly roasted on fire. It is suitable for roasting whole chicken, duck, fish and large meat.
Roasting is a method of cooking on a fire rack with iron mesh or thin slab, slicing or cutting raw materials into small pieces and putting them on top of the rack while baking. For example, Korean barbecue and Japanese barbecue are roasted.
Skewing, small pieces of raw materials with iron cuttings or bamboo cuttings, on the fire to roast, such as Xinjiang roast lamb skewers. Frying is the use of iron plate, frying pan and other frying, using edible oil as a heat transfer medium. Seasoning can be done before, during or after roasting, or in three periods.
The difference between frying and open-fire roasting is that liquid condiments are mainly added to the frying and roasting, which can make the sauce permeate into the raw materials. Therefore, the flavor of the frying and roasting dishes is changeable and the texture is more crisp.
In making barbecue, no matter which kind of barbecue method is used, all kinds of animal and plant raw materials can be widely used for cooking. But because we are not professional barbecue cooks, it is difficult to grasp the seasoning and barbecue operation, so often affect the quality of dishes. Barbecue dishes should be made with different main ingredients and condiments as far as possible.
The quality of barbecue food is influenced by the time, the temperature, the choice of barbecue equipment, and even the environment at that time. To achieve a good barbecue effect, the above factors can not be ignored, especially the control of barbecue time and temperature is the key.