How to choose suitable barbecue equipment
Find a weekend, invite friends and relatives, come to an outdoor dinner, to enjoy the fun of cooking, so how to choose suitable barbecue equipment? The traditional charcoal type can be used, and the gas-fired oven can also be used.
1. According to the local eating habits, use electric roasting, gas roasting, or original charcoal roasting for in-depth understanding. In Northeast China, charcoal roasting is the main method.
2. It is necessary to consider whether it is convenient to carry. Outdoor barbecue grills are our own items. Therefore, we must consider this aspect when purchasing. It can be convenient for us to carry. This can bring us a lot of convenience. Choose a simple installation Barbecue equipment.
3. Purchase according to the size of the barbecue equipment. Of course, the smaller the portable one, the better, but the number of people on the barbecue should also be considered. Therefore, the number of people on the barbecue should be determined first to determine the type of grill.
4. While comparing the prices, look at the quality of the grill, such as whether the furnace hood is made of good white steel (including titanium), how thick it is, and how thick the carbon groove is made of cold-rolled plates.
5. Smoke exhaust equipment, barbecue grills can be single row, which saves energy and avoids the use of large fan noise, maintenance and other problems.