Ignition Skills of Outdoor Barbecue Grill

The barbecue grill fire needs to be prepared into three main things, one is alcohol block, charcoal, lighter with these three tools can ignite, then take you to see the specific steps of ignition:
Firstly, put up the barbecue rack. When you put up the barbecue rack, you must find a relatively flat place, because there is some carbon in the barbecue rack, and the food on the barbecue rack is constantly turning. If the barbecue rack is not placed in place, it may be embarrassing.
Another point is to find a place far away from combustibles when placing the barbecue grill. Be careful not to put under trees or where there are shelters on it. Secondly, it is best to find a place close to the water source. On the one hand, when special circumstances occur, emergency response can be made; on the other hand, at the end of the barbecue. If the remaining charcoal fire needs to be extinguished close to the water source, it will be more convenient to solve.
2. After choosing the place, you can fill the barbecue grill with carbon. Pay attention to the carbon concentration at the beginning of ignition. When the barbecue carbon is put in place, it's better to leave a gap between the carbon and ventilate it in order to ignite more quickly. After the carbon is put in place, find a gap between the carbon and plug the alcohol into the barbecue grill. Next, light it with a lighter.
_3. In many cases, the amount of alcohol is limited after all. Therefore, when we introduce roast carbon, it is better to find some trunk branches nearby and pile them on the carbon, and pay attention to the fact that there are not too many branches on the carbon, or keep continuing to the carbon, so as to prevent the fire from becoming too big. This will play a role in the purpose of fast burning of carbon.
4. Another situation is that when the trunk branches are not easy to find, we can use our own salt and cooking oil to pour some on carbon to burn. As for the principle of this, Xiaobian has limited knowledge. I believe that the wise of you must know the principle. Xiaobian only knows how to cause fire. It will be faster.
5. Finally, we should calm down and wait for the barbecue carbon to be fully ignited to be able to barbecue. This process is based on the carbon situation or environmental factors, the specific time is not good to determine, what we need to do is to wait slowly, accurately to see that the barbecue carbon has turned white, basically we can determine the barbecue. Carbon is basically fully ignited to officially start the barbecue, as long as the barbecue carbon is fully ignited barbecue tools will proceed faster.
In fact, through these steps above, we can basically solve the problem that barbecue carbon is not attractive. What we need for outdoor self-barbecue is patience, which is very important, after all, "if you want to do good work, you must first use sharp tools".