Brief Analysis on the Height and Dimension of Barstool

Barstool has become a more common product category in furniture products. More and more families advocating modern style are also increasing their preference for barstool. How to choose products with high cost performance ratio requires a better understanding of the height and size of barstool. Today, the editor will tell you about this knowledge.
The bar stools are delicate and compact, and can be lifted and lowered. The bar stool is generally a person's independent position, there are many common bar stools, different bar stools also have different sizes, of course, the bar stool also has a standard size of L42*W46.5*H92cm or so.
In addition to this bar chair, there are also L44*W44*H83cm, L45*W50*H99cm, L45*W45*H92cm, L39*W45*H98.5cm and other sizes. In fact, the size of the bar stool is determined according to the height of the bar and the environment of the bar. Although the style of the bar stool is varied, the general size difference is not very large.
Generally, the height of the bar stool can be adjusted. We generally say that the height of the bar stool is a little lower than that of the bar desk by about 20 cm. Even though it is better, there are some people who need different height because of the design of the environment. Usually the height between 40-55cm is a relatively low chair, and between 70-85cm is a relatively high chair.
Generally, the range of the bar stool that can be lifted and lowered is between 20 cm, which can be determined according to one's own preferences. But there are some places because of the need of the environment, will buy some bar chairs without lifting function. But the average height of bar stool is between 60cm and 80cm.